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Multi Span Greenhouse
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Multi Span Greenhouse

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1. Dimensions : 1span standard width is 8m, the width can be multiple of 8m.

                             Length and height can be customized. 

2. Frameworks: High quality steel and hot galvanized steel pipe, with excellent anti-corrosion                               performance. 1.5mm-2.0mm thickness for customer choice.

                            Diameter is  25mm/32/mm/38mm available.

3. Covering Film: Material: PE+EVA 

                              Thickness: 150micro 

                              Characteric: anti-dew and dustproof 

                              Temperature range: -40 to 60C   

                              3 years guarantee and 5 years using life.

4. Cooling System: with air-ventilation(side or roof), insect protection net, shading net, cooling fan, micro-sprinkler or drip irrigation system for optional choice.

5. Installation: Easy installtion, the installation manual will be sent with goods.